Saturday, April 30, 2011

A low GI - research Glycemic Index diet

I blame my father for my involved with watching the glycaemic load on food, so when I saw this app appears in the app store, I picked quickly up as reference, as well as give my father another reason to come is over the right side (iPhone) and to throw the brick 1 "to the plateau (old Treo)."

For those of you who don't know, a glycemic index is the measure of the effects of carbohydrates on blood glucose levels. Carbohydrates that degrade rapidly digested, releasing glucose rapidly into the bloodstream have a high GI; carbohydrates that degrade slowly, gradually releasing glucose in the blood, have a low GI. (via Wikipedia) Glycemic Index - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The app data claims that the data from the National Cancer Institute and is accurate based on research I did. However knowing this - you never look at information on the USDA Web site? The search function is not exactly accurate.
In research in potatoes, you get everything from potato potatoes salad "beans, Green & of" with "raw, potatoes" somewhere between. Well, this is how this app is so. The search function needs work. If I did a search for "potato." I would expect "potato" to be the first result does not something else with the potatoes in it.

In addition poor search implemented, the user interface is a little bizarre. The use of a "nice" background, removes much needed text placement estate. In other words, there is a small area where the text is displayed, this narrowing and some may have difficulty reading the text of small.
Also the search bar appears to float just below the top of the screen, which appears to be in a position a little awkwardly.

When you click on an item, you'll see it's full title and an area of color with the number of load of glucose in it. The box changes color is the number is high. Bright green = good; Red = Bad. I do not like colored boxes, but I had rather be the background or something, as with the whole screen would see more beautiful still.

I think this is an excellent reference and the concept, however, I think it must be some major changes in unemployment insurance as well as to improve the quality of the search function.
I would also like the option to browse certain elements that begin with the letter of the alphabet, or filter by number of low, medium & high GI. At the market price ($3.99), I think that the price is quite high. Perhaps $1.99 if as to use IM as a reference, if you use many, wait its falling dollar or then enter. I think that if they make the few changes pre-mentioned that this app will work together much better.

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